Spirit House
The Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University
Spirit House surveys how thirty-three contemporary artists of Asian descent are exploring modes of making that exceed rational understanding and enter haunted dimensions. The exhibition will be accompanied by a major, scholarly catalogue, the first of a series of AAAI-related books the museum will produce to foster scholarship on Asian American artists and to introduce leading Asian American art to wider audiences. 
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Love and Anarchy
Nasher Museum of Art
On the surface, love and anarchy may seem like unrelated or even conflicting notions. Love is synonymous with care, compassion, and affection, while anarchy is generally accepted as an absence of authority, a state of disorder, or an ungovernable condition. These concepts, more than tangentially related, are often intertwined and even sometimes mutually dependent…Drawn from the Nasher Museum’s extensive historical and contemporary collections, Love & Anarchy demonstrates some of the ways in which these two concepts have inspired artists, visually and conceptually, over millennia.
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New North State
Soco Gallery, Curated by Marshall Price
New North State is titled in reference to the “Old North State,” a moniker given to North Carolina during the colonial period. Intended to denote the northern region of the Carolinas after they were cleaved into North and South, the name carries with it painful and traumatic associations of an antebellum past. For some, this history is reason to believe in lost causes and misguided narratives. The artists in New North State, however, envision the past, present, and future differently; they represent a new understanding of these concepts.
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[A Pop Up Exhibition, Seoul, Korea]
Organized by Galerie Quynh, Gallery Rhim22
In “Transposition, there are peculiar spaces and dreamlike places - scenes play out in undefined locales; landscapes seem to exist only in memory. There is a strangeness, tension and disquiet that permeates the exhibition, punctuated with instances of play and calm. Themes of passage, memory and the poetic absurdity of life recur throughout the works.
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[Solo Exhibition]
An Unbearable Lightness Between Sky and Water
Galerie Quynh
Galerie Quynh is excited to present ‘An Unbearable Lightness Between Sky and Water’ – a solo exhibition by Lien Truong featuring some of her most ambitious work to date. The show weaves together languages of paint, textile, and food, forming a hybrid, diasporic language of love dedicated to Truong’s late mother.
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